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Guided Tour to the Swiss Viper Museum


Visit to the museum in Friborg

Prepare for an unforgettable automotive adventure at the Swiss Viper Museum, under the passionate guidance ofEdwin Stucky. Our museum housesthe largest Viper collection in Europe, a breathtaking visual and emotional experience.

Useful Information

Schedules : The museum is not open every day, and visits are by appointment only after contacting us. Do not hesitate to use ourContact form to organize your visit.

Price : The price of a visit per person is30 CHF, and it is possible to pay on site in cash or via Twint.

We also offer the possibility of organizingan aperitif or a visit followed by a meal at the restaurantRelaxation, located right next to the museum.


Do not hesitate to send us all your requests, however original they may be!

Au programme de votre visite

Et d'autres anecdotes inconnues du grand public !

collections de voiture

Découvrez la plus grande collection au monde de VIPER GTS-R

Plongez dans un monde de beauté et découvrez des bolides de légende : Shelby GT 500, Hot Rod...

voiture en pleine course

Revivez l'adrénaline des courses qui ont marqué l'histoire

Le vrombissement des moteurs, la poussière, l'odeur du kérosène et de l'asphalte brûlant...

Intérieur musée de Viper

Admirez les voitures légendaires du Mans qui ont défié l'impossible

Les mêmes aperçues dans "Le Mans 66"et découvrez comment elles ont brisé les limites de la physique

Présentation visite du musée

Rencontrez Edwin Stucky gardien des secrets des plus grands vainqueurs

La Ford GT40 MK I de Jacky Ickx, la Ford GT MK IV, La Cobra Daytona et d'autres...

Collection voiture musee de fribourg

History -
Edwin's passion

Why did a Swiss from Haut-Valais choose an American muscle car?Edwin began his career driving trucks as a youth. He dreamed of feeling the power of a truck in the guise of a sports vehicle. Destiny led him to aDodge Viper, a true sports car with a powerful V10 engine.In 1992, Edwin seized the opportunity to acquire his first Viper RT/10, number 133 of the 285 produced. From then on, he set out on circuits around the world to exploit the full potential of this sports car.

From 1994 to 1998, Edwin visited the United States several times, attending various sports driving schools where he learned to master an extremely powerful racing car on the racetrack. In 1999, Edwin purchased an RT/10 "Challenge" to practice and perfect the skills acquired on European circuits. In November 2001, he had the chance to purchase his first endurance racing car, the Viper GTS-R C30, directly from the Dodge factory.It was the start of the world's largest collection of racing Vipers.

Today, the Swiss Viper Museum has more than26 Dodge Vipers and 15 other sports cars, each with an incredible story to tell, like the Shelby Cobra Daytona or the Inaltera.

During your visit to the Swiss Viper Museum, Edwin will be happy to share his passion for this exceptional collection of cars, accompanied by a multitude of fascinating stories.Come and discover this unique automotive world!

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